A family of shopkeepers who run one of the oldest perfumerie shops in Amatrice. Marina and Roberto, along with their daughters, Alessia and Domiziana, luckily have a story to tell. Yes, luckily, because only thanks to fate and luck were they saved during the night of the 24th of August 2016. They survived while their town collapsed around them. Then came the first tremor. Fright, rubble and dust remain their most vivid memories.

Many pages wouldnt be enough to tell what happened in the following days. Some people already know as they were there on the very spot. Others from far away have been involved in various charity and solidarity projects or some are simply still trying to understand what happened. First tents, then containers and finally two weeks ago, a new pre-fabricated house. They have decided to wait and hope for a total revival of the town which will make them feel at home again in the land which now remains almost nothing. Then they start talking with friends and friends of their friends and finally thanks to Vincenza Bufacchi of the National Confederation of Handicrafts and Small Family Businesses of Rieti, they were introduced to Silvana Angeletti and Daniele Ruzza. This couple of designers captures immediately the sad situation of Marina and Roberto. So now they have to develop a new and positive business that would hopefully give them back their passion and enthusiasm for the perfume world as always.

Creating a perfume which carries with it the name of Amatrice, which means a come-back and tells a sensational story of a land that in the past that lacked for nothing. It acts!!

And then Lorenzo Dante Ferro, one of the top masters of perfumerie in Italy, who doesnt hesitate to take this project on immediately, begins in September 2017, the alchemy of essences that leads to deep sentiments. So 401 È AMATRICE was born.

Then a public relations agency originally founded by Katia Jorfida and Cristina Rota becomes involved and begins to give the project life and structure. They take this project on and help to completely transform this sad story which is made up of real people and generosity.

Giovanni Gastel also doesnt hesitate to shine the magical light of his camera drawing out the essence of a perfume which is not only a fragrance but also a light which dazzles the eyes.

A box, a perfume, a fragrance, but if we look back at what happened, at our tormented thoughts, should it not have happened? Could it have been avoided? I only wish there was a form of total protection! “I wish there were a form of protection, a net to protect me when i fall, a thin texture that saves the smallest grain of sand.” Its the perfume 401 È AMATRICE which must try to change things because what happened before should never happen again. Anamaria Sacconi, throughout her silent art and creative designs sends her message of care and protection through a net under thin gauze. But dont let me fall, it cant happen again.

The composition of the perfume 401 È AMATRICE was created by master perfumer, Lorenzo Dante Ferro, and it contains 140 selected ingredients among the best quality of essential oils and aromatic raw materials, all culminating in a powerful crescendo.

Il team